The Coup — Dig It (1993)

Нашли это в тг канале нашего товарища Медета Шаяхметова.

Песня 1993 года, группа в которой состоит синемарксистский режиссер Бутс Райли (режиссер фильма Sorry to Bother you):

Presto, read the Communist Manifesto
Guerillas in the midst, a Guevara named Ernesto, so
(E-Roc: What a brother with a Afro know?)
Yell go and flow for the mack and we’re the ho
So grow cause the lynching brothers might get hung
Rhetoric flowing from the tip of my Mao Tse Tung
Deficit (E.R.: money spent) catch the glint
(E.R.: of my 9 as they cut welfare 25%)
And I dissent, as I clench and raise my fist
(E.R.: We did away with that) so you could get with this
Here’s a twist cause we’ll overthrow like Kwame N’krumah
Spread around the wealth as if it were a vicious rumor
Pam cuts a record like a surgeon cuts a tumor from a brain
(E.R.: We’re all cooped up so feel the pain)
From 400 years of exploitation
Anesthesia provided by your local TV station
Patience is not a virtue (E.R.: I ain’t waiting)
Turn this shit over like Bush did a boatload of Haitians